Rainbow Chan – Let Me

Sensual, dreamy and seductive, Sydney-based, Hong Kong raised Rainbow Chan delivers another pop anthem with Let Me.


Wisp – D33J

LA’s D33J‘s, aka Djavan Santos, debut album Death Valley Oasis dropped last week (out via Anticon) which featured this track with Baths. It’s fun, bouncy and addictive.

Cloud9 – Baker Boy feat. Kian

You may have seen NT rapper Baker Boy at Big Sound (Australia’s sort of answer to SXSW). Raised in remote communities in the NT, he’s known as the “fresh prince” in Arnhem land, identifying strongly with his indigenous culture (check his rainbow certain totem). He has studied performing arts and is interested in pursuing both acting and dance, but for now, he is making fresh and fun Aussi hip hop. You can grab a free download of Cloud9 here.

Unstoppable – Superfood

Last week, Birmingham two-piece, Superfood, released their second album Bambino. The duo describe this album as being a little like their “true identity”. They are a bit indie, a bit electronica, and, at times, sound almost a little bit like the Gorillaz in the Feel Good Inc. days. Superfood is all of those mashed into one.

Paresthesia – Wild Ones

Wild Ones are a Portland five-piece that about to become your new favourite band. You might initially think that Parasthesia is your typical, forgettable indie band track, completed by soothing female vocals, but with it’s experimental electronic elements and catchy chorus, it’s anything but. Their album Mirror Touch will be released in October through Top Shelf records.

Woke – Tiga

Canadian producer Tiga released his third track of the year on Friday.  Tiga said of Woke;

Woke is a song about freedom, specifically my freedom. About me, at the end of the earth, pushed towards a final act of emancipation: throwing my phone into the sea, and watching it sink. People may have a hard time empathizing with a successful DJ, or anyone who associates an annoying buzzword with anything approaching enlightenment. But I don’t think it’s that hard to relate to feeling like you’ve entered into a lopsided bargain with a magic box that is more or less designed to hack its way into your self-image.

I think that actually a lot of us can empathise (or at least sympathise) with throwing our phones into the sea.

Crawling Back – PLGRMS

It’s been two years in the making, but it’s finally here, Crawling Back by Sydney-based duo PLGRMS.  Broody, poppy and catchy, I’d say that the time investment was worth it. If you missed their tour over the past weekend, don’t forget that they’ll also be at Vanfest in December.


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