Kult Kyss – I Am The One

Kult Kyss successfully differentiate themselves in a genre that is literally flooded with talent right now. The electronic music duo, hailing from Melbourne, are giving away I Am The One here, and you’ll want to take advantage of the offer. This song has vocals reminiscent of Fever Ray and the fun, upbeat of a PNAU track, with elements pulled together to make a distinguished Kult Kyss sound.



Zen Panda – Ego

Six musically-talented brothers and sisters from Adelaide, South Australia join forces to make Zen Panda. Showing strokes of psychedelic rock, pop and indie, they’ve gone from supporting acts like Bec Sandrige and the Jungle Giants to releasing their first EP this year and officially making themselves a band to watch.  Grab Ego for free here.

Unstoppable – Superfood

Last week, Birmingham two-piece, Superfood, released their second album Bambino. The duo describe this album as being a little like their “true identity”. They are a bit indie, a bit electronica, and, at times, sound almost a little bit like the Gorillaz in the Feel Good Inc. days. Superfood is all of those mashed into one.

Crawling Back – PLGRMS

It’s been two years in the making, but it’s finally here, Crawling Back by Sydney-based duo PLGRMS.  Broody, poppy and catchy, I’d say that the time investment was worth it. If you missed their tour over the past weekend, don’t forget that they’ll also be at Vanfest in December.


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