N.E.R.D. – Lemon

After a seven year hiatus, N.E.R.D. are back and I am excited! In Lemon, Chad, Pharrell and Shay team up with Rihanna for a track that takes me back the early naughties, a time that I will strongly argue was Pharrell’s hay day. Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait as long for the next track.


Cloud9 – Baker Boy feat. Kian

You may have seen NT rapper Baker Boy at Big Sound (Australia’s sort of answer to SXSW). Raised in remote communities in the NT, he’s known as the “fresh prince” in Arnhem land, identifying strongly with his indigenous culture (check his rainbow certain totem). He has studied performing arts and is interested in pursuing both acting and dance, but for now, he is making fresh and fun Aussi hip hop. You can grab a free download of Cloud9 here.

Woman’s World – OKENYO

It’s a Woman’s World…is it? I’d like to think so, but not so sure. Be it true or not, OKENYO‘s new “feminazi” (read: feminist-not a dirty word) anthem will make you feel empowered as if the world is yours for the taking. With her sly digs at male insecurities and respectful nods at strong female influences, Woman’s World seems like it could be the big track that will mark a turning point in OKENYO’s career.

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